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Build Mixed Contents with Real-Time Learning Analytics


Complete the courses.


Satisfied with the courses


Applied their learnings


More power, more impact

Expositive Contents

Display your content in an engaging way, combining all sorts of formats.

Evaluative Contents

Create automated evaluations using a wide variety of question types.

Social Contents

Add social interactions like polls, chat, boards and more.

Mixed Contents

Combine expositive, evaluative and social contents in a single learning resource.


Dynamize your online classes with Mixed Contents moderated in real time

Digital Badges

Certify the achievements of your students, and build a brand presence in Linkedin.

Learning Analytics

Analyze user interaction in real time right from the content.

Web Editor

Build Mixed Contents in a simple and fast way with Bloom's Web Editor.


For the most demanding, all the power and flexibility without the need to code anything.


Create Mixed Contents and boost digital learning.

Combine expositive, evaluative and social content in a single learning resource.

  • Tools designed for e-learning.
  • Build content locally and on the web.
  • 100% customizable predefined templates.
  • Learning analytics instantly, with no setup.

Expositive Tools

Create interactive contents to present concepts, and combine them with evaluations and social interactions.

Evaluative Tools

Create diagnostic, formative evaluations and exams with the widest range of question types.

Social Tools

Add real time social interactions like surveys, chats, reactions, boards, Q&A and more.


Analyze interactions in Real Time.

Learning Analytics are your most important tools for delivering and improving your online courses. Gain acess to detailes real time reports, for your live courses as well as on-demand.

Analyze in Real Time

Help your users to reach their goals by analyzing their performance in real time.

Visualize and Download

View all interactions of your users, and download the data for your own reports.

Global Reports

Analyze the outcomes in an integral form with reporting by course and user in Yeira LMS.


Dynamize your Live Classes with Real Time Contents.

  • Take the control of your class. Control the exact moment when you will display content to your students with the MagicSync functionality
  • Analyze interactions. Visualize on the spot who is participating in the class, and forget about turned off cams and mics.
  • Improve the experience Going back and forth between multiple apps does not work, Share all your contents in a single resource.

Cerfity with Verified Digital Badges.

Acknowledge the progress and skills acquired in your courses.

  • Persistant and Verified Digital Badges.
  • Customizable with your brand and artwork.
  • Shareable in Linkedin.
More for you

Your imagination is the limit.

Do more with less. Yeira Author is the only tool that can do it all.

Advanced Analytics

Build custom reports with real time data and graphs. Available in Enterprise.

Interactive Videos

Add Mixed Contents to your video timeline to reinforce learning.


Collect user data from within your course with 100% customizable forms.

Branching Scenarios

Create branching sequences of content to reinforce decision making skills of your students.

Embed your favorite tools

More versatility in your contents, more impact. All in a single place.

Professionalize your online courses.

Yeira makes you shine

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