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Yeira LMS

Create your own e-learning platform, in minutes.








Faster and easier? Impossible

Intuitive Interface

The easiest and fastest platform for users and administrators

Cloud based

Train your users wherever they are, with your brand

No Setup

Start right from the first day with no technical experts. Everything under your control

Live courses

Integrate Zoom and offer all your online class content in a single place

On demand courses

Add videos, documents, quizzes, forums, interactions and more.

Immediate reports

Review, analyze and download detailed reports per course and user

Private or Ecommerce

Provide private training or sell your courses online with a single click.

Authoring Tool

Create expositive, evaluative and social learning contents, with integrated Learning Analytics


Personalize and extend the features in Yeira with its available API


Ready for your courses to shine.

  • Save time and money No complications, create and manage your online courses in minutes, not days, with an 85% of savings.
  • Personalize with your brand Your courses, your brand. Create a unified learning experience. Yeira will adapt to your needs.
  • Private or e-commerce mode Private courses or with e-commerce? No problem. Just change the mode of the platform with a single click.

Closed mode

Ideal for internal training or diploma programs that need a maximum level of privacy. Take the control of your e-learning platform.

E-commerce mode

Comercializa tus propios cursos en línea con Yeira. Crea cursos gratuitos, fija tus pricing, crea cupones y descuentos.

Mixed Mode

The best of both worlds. Offer public courses with e-commerce and create private courses for your corporate clients.


Create courses that produce results.

Tools for starting and for those who won't conform with standard solutions.

  • Create contents using multiple formats.
  • Integrate your Zoom account and get attendance reports.
  • Issue Completion certificates with your brand.

Live courses

Build professional online classes with Zoom, adding downloadable content, quizzes, dynamic contents and more in a single place.

On demand contents

Review each user's profile, and course enrollment, termination and global performance.

Mixed Contents

Take your courses to the next level with Yeira Author and create Mixed Contents with real time Learning Analytics.


Reports as they should be: instantly.

Analyize the outcomes of your courses and users, with detailed reports in Yeira, per course and user. Check the progress, Zoom attendance, grades and seen contents. And if you need more in depth information, review real time interactions with Yeira Author.

Course Reports

Analiza el desempeño global de los participantes en el curso y consulta individualmente el detalle de su progreso.

User Reports

Review each user's profile, and course enrollment, termination and global performance.

Content Reports

Review detailed interactions in real time right inside the content. An exclusive innovation from Yeira Author.

Smart integrations

Do more from a single place. Integrate your preferred tools in Yeira.

Professionalize your online courses.

Yeira makes you shine

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